VG paper produces a variety of other handmade paper products. They currently consist of…

  1. Paper Castings - plaques that are made with bas-relief sculptures, cast in paper. Lowercase letters, dragons, knights and viking.
  2. Latin Sayings Illuminations - a variety of latin sayings with illuminated letter(s) and renaissance drawings.
  3. Paper Apparel - paper helmets, masks and crowns.
  4. Adornments - paper bead necklaces, bracelets, & ear rings. Paper disc necklaces and bracelets. Spun paper necklaces and pins.
  5. Lanterns - multiple layer lanterns that cast scenes of fairies, mermaids and stories of knights and dragons. Candle powered and Merlin's Magic Lamp powered.
  6. Cards - watercolored greeting cards and shadow cards.
  7. Journals - 4 types of leather bound journals, wood bound journal and tibetan prayer books. Sizes range from 4.1" x 5.82" - 5.82" x 8.26" and 11.69" x 3.25". Pages range from 60 to 108 of handmade paper made in the US.
  8. Dragons - flying dragons and stationary dragons.
  9. Mobiles - butterfly mobiles and dragon mobiles.
  10. Stationary & Envelope Sets - A5 and A4 sized envelopes.
  11. Bowls - smooth and fluted bowls in a variety of sizes that range from 5.5" to 7.5" and 2" to 4" deep.
  12. Dice - six sided and twenty sided.
  13. Plantable Paper - paper infused with California poppy and Arizona wildflower seeds. Plant in soil 1/2" to 1". Water heavily and flowers will germinate in 14 days. It helps to wet the paper before planting, so the paper will break down more easily.

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